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О компании

“Our mission is to be our client’s preferred implementation consulting partner in every market we operate in. We will achieve that by humbly working with them to deliver returns 3x beyond their industries’ cost of capital”

Leonardo Uehara
Managing Director, Partner
Visagio EMEA

Why do we exist?

  • We believe in the value of specialization in implementation skills;
  • We want to break the paradigm that consultants are costly and marginally improve value;
  • We thrive by delivering results as part of our clients’ challenges;
  • We go where our clients’ challenges are, from their headquarters to the most remote locations on Earth.


Geographical presence: Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Oceania. Offices in London, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Istanbul, and Perth.

Key Practices: Strategy Implementation, Project Management Office, Operational Improvement, Supply Chain Design and Optimization, and Shared Services Centre

Key Industries: Oil & Gas, Mining, and Manufacturing

Number of consultants: 300 worldwide

How do we uniquely respond to those reasons?

  • Our Factory Model – Process Factory (NEAP™), Tool Development Factory (NEAD™), Quality Factory (NEAQ™), and KPI Factory – together with our Problem Solving, Training and Change Management programs – allows us to increase specialization at reduced costs, maximizing the value of our expertise to our clients
  • One clear example is our capability in designing bespoke simulation, optimization and statistical models with expert tools. Software licenses and training would require a significant investment from companies that would use them  only once a year.
  • Together with an outstanding work environment, we have been training our +200 consultants more than anyone in the industry via our university (UniVisagio™), with more than 100 courses available to all consultants. That partly explains our ranking as one of the Best Places to Work by the Great Place to Work Institute.
  • We have been embedding a strong HSSE culture and work ethics through small habits that make a difference in the way we handle confidentiality and travel safety from offices to the most remote areas.
  • In line with our belief that consultants need to deliver measurable value and embrace the client’s vision, we welcome performance-based remuneration in our projects. This ensures we are invested in the client’s challenge and strive to deliver jointly against well scoped targets.