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Главная Вакансии C++ Developer, Berlin (Germany)

Тип компании









Тип занятости

  • Вакансия
  • Стажировка в компании
  • Молодая компания

График работы

  • Полный рабочий день
  • Гибкий график
  • Удалённая занятость


Регион: Berlin

Должность: C++ Developer, Berlin (Germany)

Уровень дохода (к выдаче на руки, после налогооблажения): От 80 000 - 120 000 EUR per year net

Дополнительная информация:
The company is a fast-paced software company in Berlin, Germany, with a focus on developing graphics products that stand out from the crowd. They are highly profitable, so they can give the time and resources to write beautiful code. There are no meetings. All management (the two co-founders) are computer science PhDs, so no demands from people who don’t understand the trade. They are working on revolutionizing the way presentations are made, reinventing the user interface and largely automating the slide layout. At the same time, they integrate the product into Microsoft Office, which means reverse-engineering and disassembling the innards of Microsoft’s code. And they do this all based on their large, home-grown C++ library, which they have the liberty to perfect along with the rest of their code. This company is the only German company funding a C++ ISO committee delegation, so there is a good chance that components they invent will find their way into the standard.

The company is looking for smart, creative C++ developers with a solid theoretical background.

The company encourages a healthy work-life balance. They do not work at night or on weekends, and support their staff's families with a full-time company nanny. She is available for free when children are sick, or if you just feel like spending an evening out. The company pay very competitive salaries, and offer developers from 75 000 EUR to 120,000 EUR annually following one year of employment. If necessary, the company will go out of our way to help you relocate to Berlin, and will do what they can to help you acquire a work permit.

Контактное лицо: Наталья
Телефон: +7 962 838 6090
Резюме присылайте на почту: promo@bgstaff.ru

Требования и обязанности

Опыт работы: Без опыта работы

Языки: Английский

Должностные обязанности:

- You should be able to look at a problem from the user's perspective, discuss abstract concepts with fellow developers, as well as produce an elegant implementation;
- The company expects each of their developers to do architecture, design, implementation and bug fixing, rather than splitting these activities between several people. They thus minimize communication losses and put everyone in control of their own work;
- The company likes flat hierarchies. You- developer, will work largely independently and will be responsible for the whole range of activities when implementing a new feature;
- Your ideas are welcome, even if they mean that the company has to change a lot of code to make things better.

Technology stack: 

- С/С++ / Boost / Windows Language
•Everything the company does is C++;
•Naturally, the company use C++11 features like lambdas and rvalue references throughout codebase, and have switched to C++14 where compilers support it;
•The company funds the working group for programming languages of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN). Some of employees are members of this committee and vote in the international standardization process of ISO/IEC C++;

- Hacking highlights
•To do things that are not possible via the documented Microsoft Office API, the company does lots of reverse engineering with the disassembler IDA from Hex-Rays;
•The company redirects PowerPoint's and Excel's window contents into offscreen buffers and use Direct3D 9.0 to render our user interface on top Algorithmic highlights;
•The company developed a new algorithm for automatic point cloud labeling that allows labels to be positioned away from the actual points;
•The company developed a new algorithm for automatic column chart labeling;
•The company are working with John Forrest – author of the linear solver CLP – to make his simplex code faster on our kind of problems;
•The company developed quite a few generic data structures that are not in C++ or Boost, for example partitions;

- Other highlights
•The company uses Boost throughout code, e.g., Boost.Spirit for most of their parsing needs - - The company has own range library, in the same spirit as Boost.Range or Eric Niebler’s range-v3, but going further, for example, by unifying internal and external iteration;
•The company wrote a parser and writer for the Excel .xls format;
•The company has an extensive bug reporting infrastructure. Assertions and error checks stay in the release code, and their software automatically reports bugs to server. The server analyzes the bug, categorizes it and files it in a database that all developers can access. If an update fixes the bug, the user can download the update directly from a bug response web page;
•The company develops own cross-platform library to support Mac and Windows with a single code base.

- All social packages, including a blue cart for a candidate and family. Support for relocation;
- A wide array of extremely challenging C++ development tasks;
- Family-friendly working hours, no deadlines, no overtime;
- A competitive salary from the start and a raise to EUR 120,000 annually after only one year;
- Enough time to make sure that every detail of your solution is perfect;
- An international team of brilliant minds;
- No scheduled meetings. A flat organization and plenty of room for your ideas. A working environment that makes this team stay and grow.