Working as a courier
Do you want to work in a way that does not interfere with your education? Work for 2 hours after classes - pay for the most expensive university program.
Do you want to earn money for your educational needs and additionally gain work experience in a company that is changing the world? Then we invite you to work as a courier at Yandex.Eats!

Working as a courier is an opportunity to flexibly manage your time and work at a time convenient for you, so as not to interfere with your studies and personal life. Just 2 hours after classes - and you can already earn money for your summer trips, buying new equipment or paying for school.

In addition, working at Yandex.Food is a unique experience that will help you develop as a professional. You will learn how to organize your time, work in a team, communicate with people and much more.

Don't miss the opportunity to earn money and gain work experience in one of the most sought-after companies of our time! Join our team of couriers and discover how nice it is to be your own boss and have the opportunity to become financially independent. We are waiting for you in Yandex.Eats!
Benefits of work
The uniqueness of the opportunity to work in Yandex.Food
  • Quick application for work
    To become a courier, you only need to come to the office once, then you only need an application to work
  • Flexible schedule
    You can choose when you leave for delivery and how many hours a day you work
  • Delivery by any transport
    Orders can be delivered on foot or by personal/rented transport - car, bicycle or scooter
  • Discount on food
    When ordering food in partner restaurants and Yandex a discount of up to 50% is provided
  • Daily payouts and net tips
    Salaries come to the card every day, and tips from customers are completely yours
  • Bonuses for newcomers
    You can get a monetary reward for arranging a new courier
Couriers - about employment and work in Yandex.Food
Couriers with personal or rented transport earn 35% more
How to become a courier
Fill out the questionnaire
Click the button "Become a courier"
Take the test
It will take 7-10 minutes
Visit the office
Get the form and access the application
You are ready to work!
Complete your first order
Questions and answers
Documents for registration
Yandex.Eats (Яндекс.Еда) - is an online food ordering service from Yandex, which allows users to order dishes from various restaurants and cafes and have them delivered to a specified location. The company began its work in 2017 and in a short period of time was able to win the trust of millions of users throughout Russia.

Advantages of working as a courier in Yandex.Eda:

1. Flexible schedule. Working as a courier at Yandex.Eda allows you to work at a time convenient for you. You can choose your shifts and determine your work schedule to suit your personal needs and circumstances.
2. User-friendly interface. Yandex.Food provides a convenient interface for couriers. You can use the mobile application or desktop version of the site to manage orders and track your route.
3. Motivation system. Yandex.Eda couriers have the opportunity to receive bonuses and additional bonuses for their work, which encourages them to achieve better results and provides additional income.

Useful tips for working as a courier in Yandex.Eda:
1. Be careful. It is important to pay attention to details and be attentive to orders and customers.
2. Be friendly. Polite communication and a friendly approach will help you improve your customer relationships and increase customer satisfaction.
3. Meet deadlines. It is important to respect delivery deadlines and complete your work on time.
4. Be prepared to work outdoors. Courier work can involve delivering in a variety of conditions, so it is important to be prepared to work outdoors in all weathers.

If you decide to join the Yandex.Eats team, then our company is ready to offer you not only favorable working conditions, but also opportunities for professional growth.